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The BMPT movable arm welding torch holder is intended for manual welding.


It withstands the weight of the torch, applying less stress on the operator.

It can be used to its full length in an unlimited range of action.

It keeps it taut, enabling the wire to slide better.

It is economically advantageous since it prevents the cable in contact with the floor, etc. from wear.

It is essentially cost effective regarding maintenance expenses and repairs.


The rest position is vertical, therefore, it does not take up space.

It turns around by almost 360°.

By means of minimum traction of the torch, it tilts to a horizontal position and any intermediate position without requiring any stop, but simply uses the weight of the torch.

It can be installed on any type and brand of welding power source

 made in italy


Via Fornace II strada, 22, 35010 Arsego di San Giorgio delle Pertiche,(PD) Italy

Tel. +39 049 9330425, Fax +39 049 9330434, e-mail: [email protected]PD n. 01145830285, R.E.A. PD n. 188156, CAP. Soc. € 100.000,00 i.v.

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