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Mecome srl was found in 1984 in order to meet the needs of regional welding plants about welding special systems not available in the market, both Italian and international. Since then we have built more than 6000 plants.

Over the years Mecome expanded its sales area even in non-European areas, addressing to end customers directly and with the support of local dealers/technicians. Retailers allowed us to give direct support to both companies and end users. Our direct support has always given in real time or extremely short time.


The collaboration with local staff allows Mecome to know both the needs of customers and their work habits. That knowledge is essential to jointly develop any effective project. Our machines and installations are the result of this equation:


know how in
building plants



know-how in
making products



Along with the years Mecome developed the following:

  • Series plants (PL-TRK-TRP-PR)
  • Special plants (BR-MAB)
  • Dedicated Special plants  (single systems or automatic lines)
  • Robotic plants

Customers contacts us asking for a solution to a specific need and Mecome develops the answear in cooperation with the technical delegates from the customer itself. Our strength lies in our know-how which leads to very flexible solutions, with reduced maintenance costs, quick problems solving (most of the assistance is resolved by phone or e-mail) and reduced need for physical intervention of our staff.

Many plants are unique and required a dedicated project and new tailored technologies improving product-making quality and plant productivity.

Our machines and systems are designed for handling by a sole operator. Operator itself is not required to be highly specialized which allows to start using new technologies, improving operations without upsetting the working environment while starting a process of innovation.

MECOME always offers the best, easly manageable solution also in terms of spare parts. They use mostly parts that have spread worldwide and therefore can be easily found in the local market. Customer does not become dependent on MECOME for spare parts.

Our main markets are EU, Eastern Europe, some countries in the Middle East, Asia, North Africa (some sales in South America). A part of our equipment is destined for welding of tanks (MIG, TIG, submerged arc, plasma, laser) and their accessories while another part is dedicated to machines of various types (cutting, testing, handling and other).