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MECOME S.R.L. was founded in 1984 to meet the demand of the industry, which in that period required the introduction of automated welding processes.

Pursuing constant growth and development, being able to count on a specialized staff and connoisseur of the most innovative technologies, the collaboration with local staff that allows us to know both the welding needs of Customers and their working habits, are essential knowledge to develop together an effective project; in 1989 Mecome expands its production offer by introducing robots derived from Japanese technology and able to perform all movements, thus compensating for the growing difficulty in finding labor; it has also expanded its sales areas even in the non-European areas, to direct end Customers or with the support of resellers / technicians located in the various distribution Countries. The dealers have allowed to give support to both our company and end Customers by giving them direct and timely support.

This choice, oriented towards maximum innovation, allows us to offer perfection, excellent quality and continuity of processing. In 1990 Mecome was further consolidated by important partnerships, such as with Nei Thompson, Rolls-Royce Welding group. In 2003 Mecome moved to the new headquarters and doubled its production spaces, covering an area of ​​over 6,000 square meters.

The production of Mecome can be divided into three macro-categories: "standard plants", "robotic plants", "special plants", each of which includes a series of different products. The range includes rotary table positioners, roller positioners, column booms, robotic welding systems (which allow to increase production, improve product quality and ensure maximum work flexibility) and dedicated systems, designed and built from time to time at the Customer's request ...

Today, thanks to the staff of its internal technical office, made up of mechanical and electronic engineers and specialized personnel constantly in step with the times, Mecome is able to provide the most suitable solution for every single need. Mecome's mission is to increase productivity and improve the quality of its Customers' work. For this reason, the three cornerstones of the company philosophy are flexibility, competence, technology. It is thanks to the mix of these factors, indeed, that Mecome is able to provide the optimal solution for each type of use, creating applications for the most diverse sectors. A wide-ranging production that today allows Mecome to supply its technology to the automotive, agricultural (earthmoving machinery), construction, engineering, furniture, heating and agro-food industries (tanks), etc. ..

Let's not forget this important fact: up to now MECOME has built more than 6,000 machines.


Roller Positioners


Heavy duty turntable

Heavy duty turntable

TRK Lightweight

Lightweight TRK turntable

PL Lightweight

Lightweight PL turntable

BMPT Mobile arm
torch holder

Mobile arm torch holder


Welding automation


Robotic Plants


Column booms


Longitudinal seamer

Video Section

CPL1000 - Laser


5 stazioni

PC 4500 SAW 3T

Saldatura Intercapedini

Circular positioner pco 3000 saw


Plug and weld

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